About Us

About Us

Engineering Professionals and Consultancy Services


What We are All About

We are a leading Professional body of Engineering and Consultancy Services in Sri Lanka. 

The vision of the Company

To be an eco-friendly, innovative and sustainable partner in Geo and mineral resource engineering.

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The Mission

Our single-minded mission is to create innovative solutions to Technological and business challenges ensuring sustainability, With deep multi-disciplinary industry expertise in the fields of Mining, mineral processing, geology and geo-technical Engineering towards the success of our client requirements.

Core Values

Meet Our Team

Eng. P.V.A. Hemalal Panagoda
MSc (Hons.) (Min.Eng.), FIMMM (UK)and CEng (UK)., MIE (SL) and CEng. (SL)
Chairman / Senior Consultant
Chartered Mining Engineer, Former Senior Lecturer
Prof. N.P. Ratnayake
BSc (Hons) Geology Special, MSc, PhD, C.Geol.
Chartered Geologist/ Senior Consultant
Dr. (Eng.) Thushara Madanayaka
BSc Eng. (Hons) Earth Resources engineering MEng and PhD in Geo-Technical Engineering, AMIE (SL), MIEAust., AEng., MGSSL
Mining and Geotechnical Engineer Senior Consultant
Eng. (Dr). N.S.Miguntanna
PhD (UOW, Australia), MSc. (QUT, Australia), BSc. Eng. (Hons.), FMWATTLE, AMIESL,
Civil & Environmental Engineer Senior Consultant
Mr. Altaf Halil
Senior Consultant

Researcher, Consultant on Mineral Processing & Application and Sand Specialist.

Eng. D.M Wijayapala
BSc. Eng (Hons)-Mining and Minerals engineering, MIE (SL), CEng. (SL)
Chartered Mining Engineer/ Senior Consultant
Dr. (Eng.) Chaminda Samarasooriya
BSc. Eng (Hons)-Mining and Minerals engineering, MEng. (RS & GIS), PhD.
Mining Engineer and Specialist in RS & GIS Senior Consultant.
MSc (Environmental Management), Dip. (Environmental Management), Dip (Paleo biodiversity), Dip (Biodiversity Management), Dip (Zooarchaeology)
Ecologist- Specialist in Species Conservation and Environmental Management
Attorney-at-Law P. E. Champika Rodrigo
LL.B (Colombo), LL.M (UK)
Company Secreatary / Senior Consultant
Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths

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