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Mine Plan Development and Environmental Protection Plan for Thandikulam Aggregate quarry, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

Location: Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

Extent: The extent of the project area was 10 Hectares  

Physiography: Low elevation flat terrain 

Scope of Work:

  1. Geological Exploration:
  • Geological investigation to demarcate the building material reserve.
  • Physical analysis for rock strength and quality to identify quality, grade, and possible industrial applications.
  1. Ore Reserve Estimation
  • Ore reserve estimation through the Goggle Earth Elevation Models and GPS survey
  1. Mining site safety assessment and Safety plan
    • Identification of existing safety issues and plan for eliminating possible hazards
    • Safety establishment for all operatives
    • Proposal for safety enhancement for the surrounding community
  1. Mine development
    • Mine site preparation and infrastructure development plan
  1. Production and disintegration plan
    • Bench design
    • Vegetation overburden / Waste rock removal in the mining process/stage
    • Drilling, charging, blasting, secondary disintegration and mucking proposal.
    • Development of operational time frames for drilling, blasting mucking and product transportation activities.
    • Employment of product disintegration and processing activities.
  1. Traffic Analysis
    • Designing the access roads into the mine and out from the mine site
    • Drawing up the anticipated road maintenance plan
  1. Manpower employment proposal and utilization of machinery and equipment
    • Planning for Manpower engagement for mining operations
    • Reassessment of machinery and equipment requirements
  1. Identification of Environmental Impacts and adoption of remedial measures
    • Impacts due to ground vibration, air blast over pressure, sound and dust
    • Identification of anticipated sociological influence of proposed mining activities
  1. Mine closure and mine site rehabilitation proposal
  • Drawing up the mine closure and rehabilitation plan

Activities accomplished

  • Building material reserve estimation
  • Existing Mine Safety issues
  • Mine development plan
  • Mine Production Plan
  • Environmental impacts and mitigation plan
  • Mine Rehabilitation plan

Outcome of the project: Preparation of Mining and Production Plan with the economic viability report for Building Material Quarry, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka